The Dream Children


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Julia Britton


Julia Britton - PlaywrightWhile many playwrights have had the term “prolific” applied to their name, very few can boast the legacy left behind by Britton. With nearly 200 plays to her credit and hundreds of productions, Britton's output has left a permanent stamp on Australian theatre. From stunning original works like The Dream Children, The Object of Desire, Oblomov's Dream, Exits and Entrances [AWGIE award winner 1982], Miles Franklin and the Rainbow's End to adaptations of classic literature, Britton has worked her way to a legendary status. Her adaptation of Lady Chatterley's Lover generated such a stir, especially in Perth, where it was met with the kind of controversy that would have made D.H. Lawrence proud.


Julia Britton


Julia Britton - PlaywrightBritton’s most celebrated work Miles Franklin and the Rainbow’s End was chosen for performance at the San Antonio Festival in Texas, produced by Stage Company.  She has also had acclaimed productions of The Singing Forest, a shocking play about the holocaust and sell out productions of The Object of Desire and Oblomov's Dream, the latter being produced at London's Jermyn Street Theatre. Her other works include: Fresh Pleasures, Women in Love, The Lost, Space Travel Unlimited, The Man Who Loved Furs, A Singular Man, and Loving Friends among many others.

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Angus Brown


Angus Brown - WriterSince graduating from Monash University in 2006, Brown is fast emerging as, not only a prolific actor, but one of the most exciting, daring and unpredictable writers on the Melbourne scene. Whether he's tackling the in-your-face theatre of Steven Dawson, the Elizabethan poetry of Shakespeare, or producing an intriguing new script fresh from his own fertile mind, it's never easy to predict what Brown might do next. 

As a writer, Brown has been responsible for the play The Needle and the Damage Done, which took out the Audience Award at the MelBorn08 Ten Minute Play festival and Imagine the Afterlife, which won the Best Production Award for Short and Not So Sweet in 2008. In 2009, he already has been commissioned by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre to write a full-length play, a collaboration that has resulted in the explosive script Vegas, Baby. He has also been commissioned to adapt the Julia Britton play Erotica in Black and White and Alex Broun’s screenplay Clean Time, which is one of the first films to deal head on with the unusual topic of drug recovery.

Robert Chuter


Robert Chuter - DirectorWith nearly 300 productions and thirty years worth of experience under his belt, Chuter is a name that has become synonymous with grand, daring, controversial and visually arresting theatre and film. His productions of Le Miracle de la Rose, The Singing Forest, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Homme Fatale, The Hive and In Angel Gear have since become part of Australian theatre legend, and earned Chuter comparisons with Derek Jarman, Ken Russell, Fassbinder and Peter Greenaway. Chuter studied at the VCA – Drama School, before leaving to learn his trade as a director at the Queensland Theatre Company assisting the likes of Alan Edwards and John Tasker. With this experience behind him, Chuter then studied at the prestigious Swinburne Film and Television School until 1983 when he graduated with the AAV Australia Best Film Production Award for his short film The Mortal Coil. 

Robert Chuter


Robert Chuter - DirectorOn leaving Swinburne, Chuter began his theatrical legacy with the play Isadora. He then began to explore the possibilities of site-specific and open-air theatre, which he continued for many years, staging Seven Little Australians, Anne of Green Gables, Loving Friends, The Great Gatsby and a particularly famous adaptation of Lady Chatterley's Lover at the beautiful Rippon Lea. The acclaim these productions generated has taken Chuter to Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and the UK, bringing his exciting new concepts of open-air theatre with him. Chuter’s first Artistic Director position came in 1999 when he helmed StyleAid – Transit 99, where he worked with such designers as Collette Dinnigan, Giorgio Armani, Saba, Issey Miyake and Jacques Tchong. He followed this in 2001 with his startling first feature film In Der Nachtluft. In 2008, Chuter took the Artistic Director position for the Melbourne Writers’ Theatre, ten minute play festival: Melborn08's Playspotting, bringing his unique vision to the helm. Now, Chuter continues to expand on his reputation for daring projects that takes his audience to new places every time. 

Please visit Robert Chuter's website for further information.

John Harvie Morris


John Harvie Morris - ProducerJohn’s initial producing credit was as Executive Producer in the Award winning short film Safe House, which was accepted into the prestigious 61st Cannes Film Festival Short Corner with much praise. He is currently working on other slated film projects in Australia and the United States.

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Michael Schoell

Director of Photography

Michael Schoell - Director of PhotographyHaving grown up behind a camera, Schoell has developed a unique eye for detail and colour and infused his images with a dynamic energy and vitality. Over the years he has produced an impressive body of work that covers documentaries, commercials, short films, music videos and feature films.  Schoell has brought his unique vision to the feature films Moonlight and Magic, Nancy Nancy and One Perfect Day (second unit-DP), as well as the short films Hyde and Seek, and the award-winning Safe House, which was entered into the short film corner at the Festival de Cannes. Schoell has also shot music videos for the likes of Marcia Hines, Shane Howard and Kasey Chambers, among others. He is tirelessly inventive with the camera, creating a rich, versatile, imaginative and ever expanding visual legacy.  

Andrew Bishop


Andrew Bishop - ComposerDespite being relatively young, Bishop's haunting scores demonstrate a maturity far beyond his 23 years. A graduate of Monash University, Bishop wasted no time by working on short films: Breathe, Wondering Why, Miracle Mike, Sorry, Adrift and Verite. In addition to his lush score for the short film Safe House, he also worked Foley Artist and Sound Designer on the film, which went on to win Best Film at the Margaret River International Film Festival and was selected for the Short Film Corner at the Festival de Cannes. Bishop also worked on the score preparation for Geoffrey Wright's Macbeth in 2006 for Mushroom Pictures.

Please visit Andrew Bishop's website for further information.

Alan Woodruff


Alan Woodruff - EditorWoodruff graduated from Melbourne’s Swinburne Film & Television School in 1994 with his film XOS: A Cry for Help and began working in post-production. Since then he’s worked as an assistant editor, editor and post-production supervisor on many projects, including feature films, documentaries and television programs, including a stint in New Zealand working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong.

In his spare time he wrote, produced and directed Absolute Zero, his first attempt at directing since film school. The script won the Australian Writers’ Guild award for Best Short Script, and also the award for Best Short Film in the US-based PAGE Screenwriting Awards. The film has been screened at festivals around the world, and recently won the Jury Prize for Best Short at the TriMedia Festival in the USA. Woodruff is currently developing several feature projects as writer-director, including My Brother Myself, winner of the award for Best Feature Screenplay at the Moondance Festival in the USA, as well an Australian Writers’ Guild award for Best Unproduced Screenplay.

Alban Farrawell

Costume Designer

Alban Farrawell - Costume DesignerFarrawell has worked at costuming for film, television and stage for over 25 years.  He has designed two B.A.F.T.A. winning television series Ocean Girl and Thunderstone for Jonathan Shiff Productions along with esigning Blue Heelers, Scooter Secret Agent, Disney’s Jumping Ship and the Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre productions: Homme Fatale (Melbourne & London), Thieving Boy/Like Stars in My Hands (Carlton Courthouse), A Thousand and One Night Stands, Fresh Pleasures (London) and Falling So Slowly (St. Martin’s). He has also worked on many other films, television and stage productions such as H2O, Knowing, In Her Skin, Inspector Gadget 2, The Hard Word, Getting Square, Blonde, Child Star along with several operas.

Rebekka Salmi

Director’s Assistant/Continuity

Rebekka Salmi - Director’s Assistant/ContinuityIn 2007 Salmi completed a Bachelor of theatre arts (majoring in theatre studies) at USQ. During her university days she worked with Queensland Arts Council, wrote and directed original works in a variety of theatrical styles, created original short documentaries and also did dramaturgy for USQ productions. Outside of university, Salmi designed and ran a Summer Shakespeare program, and co-facilitated Que Able, a theatre program for people with intellectual impairments. She also completed a dramaturgy secondment at QTC and co-created a theatre open-mic night known as The Indigo Experiment. Since then Salmi has reviewed for Australian Stage Online, and stage-managed Macbeth for Eagles Nest Theatre Company. She has also stage managed Four New Short Works by Daniel Kahan and The Dream Children directed by Robert Chuter, both at La Mama.

Greg Bachurski


Greg Bachurski - PhotographyHailing from Poland, Bachurski began dabbling in photography at the tender age of 12. Working with primitive equipment in Spartan conditions, he developed his skills working on social events under the guidance of his father. Since establishing himself in Melbourne, Bachurski has photographed many stage productions including: Dimboola, Waiting for Godot, Love Monkey, Spinning Straw, Evolution of Incompetence, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Melborn08’s Playspotting.

Please visit Greg Bachurski's website for further information.

Suzanne Opitz


Suzanne Opitz - PhotographyOpitz has been interested in photography for many years, but has only become serious since discovering the wonderful world of digital imagery 5 years ago. Since then, she has had several private exhibitions and offered her work for selection in exhibitions both nationally and internationally. She has received numerous National awards, including several first places.  After only 6 months of entering International exhibitions, she has received over 40 acceptances. As a dance teacher for over 35 years, Opitz specialises in dance and theatre photography.  For theatre she has photographed plays such as The Trick, Ticking Boxes, The Needle and the Damage Done, Ten Years as part of Melborn08’s Playspotting and The Dream Children (Carlton Courthouse) for La Mama.

Please visit Suzanne Opitz's website for further information.

Dan Farmer

Focus Puller

Dan Farmer - PhotographyUnlocking his passion for film 10 years ago, Farmer has added experience to passion.  He received industry training from Footscray City Film and Television School, where he was recognised and awarded for his innovative and daring approach to the visual medium.  Since graduating, he has crewed on both local and international feature film productions, music videos, commercials, and dozens of shorts.   Specialising in the camera department, he has a natural flair for experimentation and a desire to push the limits of what is cinematically possible with new generation cameras.  Most recently he shot his first feature film Less Adolescent (currently in post production) as DOP. Farmer has worked closely with Director of Photography Michael Schoell many times before, including the award-winning short film Safe House.

Jeremy Blincoe

Principal Photographer

Jeremy Blincoe - Principal PhotographerBlincoe hails from New Zealand where he studied photography at Massey University in Wellington. Upon completion of studies he began a successful career as a freelance photographer creating advertising campaigns for clients such as: Saatchi & Saatchi's, M&C Saatchi's, Clemenger BBDO,Y&R and Ogilvy's. Blincoe has a passion for creating images that convey a narrative and evoke an emotional response from  the viewer.

Please visit Jermey Blincoe’s website for further information

David Leadbetter

Production Manager

David Leadbetter - Production ManagerAfter too many years in the corporate world, David escaped with his sanity barely intact to start a new career, where being organised, bossy, thick skinned & hard headed were essential. It didn't take him long to find his niche as a Production Manager & 1st AD.  Since joining the Film & TV industry in 2004, David has worked on such TV shows as Wilfred, Underbelly, Satisfaction and The Wedge.  His is REALLY sorry about The Wedge.  His film credits include: Where the Wild Things Are, Knowing, The Loved Ones, Under Her Skin, Rats & Cats, Little Deaths and The December Boys.  He is also quite sorry about The December Boys, but is comfortable blaming the fact that it was mostly shot in South Australia. Countless TV commercials and music videos round off what some might consider a professional career, but which David considers the most fun he has had in 15 years. After meeting with Robert Chuter & John Harvie Morris, David was asked to assist with making The Dream Children a reality. After reading the script and seeing the passion in the eyes and loins of Robert, John & the team, the prospect of working 18 hour days, for weeks on end, for almost no money, for people he hardly knew, filled him with such rapturous joy that he could not say no. David clearly has issues.

Janni Alexander

Production Accountant

Dan Farmer - PhotographyAlexander is an independent production accountant based in Melbourne. She has the usual diplomas and certificates, has mingled with the mighty and the fallen. She has found this all extremely useful for handing out tissues, being a shoulder to cry on and grinding folk down with her superior intellect and acerbic wit. Credits include production accounting on My Year Without Sex, Zokky the Kangaroo, Rock Wiz plus general business management for several Melbourne production houses.

Karolina Berkell-Kirk

Extras Co-Ordinator

Karolina Berkell-Kirk - Extras Co-ordinatorBorn in Stockholm to Swedish and Russian parents, Berkell-Kirk left for London in 2002 and hasn’t looked back since.  She immediately fell in love with the city and didn’t leave until 2008 when she moved to Melbourne. She holds a BA in Photography and Film (majoring in film) from Napier University/Screen Academy Scotland in early 2008 and joined the reputable London post-production house Molinare shortly after. Since arriving in Australia, she has worked as a Continuity, Still Photographer, Set Dresser/Standby Props and now has moved Extras Coordinator. Her film credits just from this year include: feature film Taj and two short films: I Can Speak Swedish and Celestial Avenue. Berkell-Kirk continues to write and direct shorts for her own production company Honeypot Film Productions.

Please visit Karolina Berkell-Kirk’s website for further information

Emma Wicks

Art Director

Emma Wicks - Art DirectorWicks has been freelancing in the film and television industry in both Melbourne and the UK over the last 10 years.  A favourite highlight has been working on the acclaimed Australian film The Jammed, along with many commercials, features and short films. She has worked on productions such as: The Hollowmen, Barry Humpheries: The Man Inside Dame Edna, The British Music Awards, Classical Brits, Disney Kids Awards, Melbourne Comedy Festival and a trailer for the St. Kilda Film Festival. Wicks has also extended her skills to theatre, bringing her imagination and inventiveness to Melbourne French Theatre’s On Purge Bebe and is currently in development for several documentary projects. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communications where she majored in Marketing and Film/TV Production and is halfway through a Masters in Arts & Cultural Management.

Julian V. Costanzo

1st Assistant Director

Julian V. Costanzo - 1st Assistant DirectorCostanzo is an award winning filmmaker. Since moving to Melbourne in 2004 he has produced and directed 3 music videos and 4 short films, including: Jumping Jack which received official selection at three Australian festivals and won Runner Up Best Short at Melbourne Underground Film Festival in 08 and best film at BDYFF. For the last year Costanzo has been working as a Production Manager on commercials, training under the wing of Australian Producer Jason Byrne. The Joe Manifesto due for festival release in 2010 will be his first feature as a Producer. He now has the privilege of bringing The Dream Children to the screen in the capacity of 1st Assistant Director.

Jonathan Davis

Data Wrangler

Jonathan Davis - Data WranglerWith a background in editing and camera operating for television, Davis relocated to Melbourne in 2008 in order to re-focus his career on working in drama production.  His skills place him well to fill the new role in digital filmmaking that lives somewhere between the camera team and post production.

Steven Bond


Steven Bond - SoundBond has been working in the film industry for six years in a number of different roles, including 2nd assistant director for the feature film Court of Lonely Royals. In 2005, he joined the sound department and hasn't looked back. Beginning as boom operator he has worked on feature films such as The Gates of Hell and Corroboree.  Bond now works as a freelance sound recordist for film, television, documentary and TVCs. Some of his sound recording credits include: Further We Search and short films Hawker, Lover's Walk, V-Day and The Pistachio Effect.

Olivia Shore

Location Scout

Steven Bond - SoundSince completing her BA (Media & Communication/ Visual Culture), Shore has been working in production since 2003.  With a passion for arts, culture and travelling, she spent a few years making her way throughout America, Europe and Asia, and worked in London at ITV plc.  Shore has worked on TVCs, music clips, short films, corporate and educational films, documentaries, and feature films. She is also studying screenwriting part time and is currently working on her own short film script.

Stephan Latsch


Steven Bond - SoundCombining resourcefulness, knowledge and charm, Latsch is fast becoming known as an invaluable addition to any film crew.  A native of Adelaide, Latsch moved to Sydney and leaped straight into work on the set of the popular SBS show Pizza and the Bollywood film Love Story 2050, before going on to manage the Forster Film Festival. Bringing his newfound knowledge and experience, he returned to Adelaide to assist backstage on various projects in the Adelaide Fringe and Womadelaide festivals.  He has since seen the light and now calls Melbourne home, where he continues to expand his knowledge and experience working on various films for the VCA and of course, Fat Kid Films.

Charlene Hyde

Hair & Make-Up

Charlene Hyde - Hair & Make-upHyde is based in Melbourne and has worked in the film and television industry with some of Australia’s most popular celebrities. Some of the projects she has been involved with include Series 2 City Homicide, The Pacific, Knowing and Tripping Over.She enjoys the diversity her work brings which has included long form/short form drama in television and film. She also has experience in music clips, fashion, catwalk, TVC's, live events, corporate and bridal.

Please visit Charlene Hyde's website for further information.